Hotel Babysitting Services in London

We provide the level of service that guests at any luxury hotel would expect. The babysitters and nannies are under contract to our agency and are on call. When a family is in need, the agency can respond quickly. For example, when hotel guests are in need of a babysitter  we can quickly provide the guests with a good, reliable and experienced nanny in London. This works as follows:

- Parents make a reservation for a restaurant at the hotel reception
- The hotel staff offers a nanny

- The hotel contacts the agency; if the hotel calls after working hours there is a Nanny Line. This line is always occupied manned by an available nanny.
- The hotel makes an appointment with the nanny
- The nanny has a time sheet with her that the hotel and the nanny fill in together before and after the shift


We also offer different services for the families, e.g. if parents have questions about the upbringing of their children, how to handle difficult situations or how and when to set limits. We give advice about good ways to spend quality time with their children. Some children need some one-on-one attention, so when the parents take one child out the nanny can babysit the other child or children.

We stay in regular contact with the family and nanny so that we can continue to improve the service. In particular when the family chooses a live-in nanny, we do an evaluation four times a year.


If the behaviour of the children is a little more complicated our agency can provide an Super Nanny. This nanny is a confident, highly qualified and experienced nanny and able to take on our most urgent cases.

The Super Nanny must be able to live in the family home for a set minimum number of days, assess the situation and implement a solution that the family can continue to maintain after the problem has been resolved. Confidence, organisation and the ability to communicate effectively with children and parents is strongly required.

The Super Nanny must be able to do a follow up visit and be available to answer questions during the two weeks after completion of the job, and be available for one more follow up telephone call after one month.

We at Babysitters in London focus especially focus on children from the expat community. These children have had to leave the safe place they called home, their family and friends, school, neighbourhood etc. Moreover, the parents may not have family and friends around at their new destination to rely on when they need support. Our nannies and babysitters in London provide the necessary support when these families need it most.

Children from a broken family may have special needs. Children may develop small problems during these big life events that grow problematic if  no attention  is paid to them. For example, children may pee in their beds or have nightmares. The nannies are trained in different methods and ways how to handle these problems and to help children to  deal with the big change.

Examples of important qualities with regard to the nanny’s duty:

Knowledgeable: Many years experience in childcare with children of various ages. Know the basic techniques of feeding, dressing, diapering, bathing
Flexibility: Willing to stay late or arrive early if necessary
Creativity: Plan imaginative and interactive activities for the children you are babysitting
Patience: Show the children patience that will strengthen their relationship with both you and their parents

Dependability: Dependability is a must. Follow through on the parents rules and expectations for the children
Maturity: Demonstrate smart, adult-like thinking and appropriate manners. Ability to react, cope and reason in an appropriate way for the situation
Love children: Children tend to know whether you like them or not
Self-confident: Confidence in yourself and your abilities. Being self-assured, showing self-reliance or not being nervous

Find and Provide childcare in London the UK


The ‘live in nannies’ are defined as nannies who live with the family in London. They have their own bedroom in the main residence, or in a separate annexe or apartment. These accommodations are provided without cost to the nanny.

Children need the attention of their own parents. We deliver a service that everybody with children needs from time to time. It is a service aimed at  unburdening parents, so that they can have time for themselves or for work. It is important that the parents are as much as possible involved in raising the children. We have noticed that children of parents who work a lot can show more problematic behaviour than other children. Of course this is not a given, it depends on how parents divide their attention. Children can miss the attention of their parents. And children who miss positive attention can seek  negative attention. We train our nannies how to handle this or other troublesome behaviour. All our services require the parents’ involvement, the agency follows and supports the nannies and the parents in their ways of raising the children.

Alternatively, there is the daily, or ‘live out’ nanny. This is a nanny who lives in her own accommodation which is not provided by the employer.

A nanny is responsible for all nursery duties defined as changing diapers, preparing bottles, bathing, children’s laundry, keeping the nursery / kids’ rooms tidy, clean and hygienic, preparing/cooking meals. Nannies are also expected to provide a structured day and organise age appropriate games and activities. School runs may be required as well as general errands. Any additional domestic duties will be upon request and negotiated in advance with the families. These could be: teach kids how to tie shoelaces, provide healthy snacks, involve the children in the household chores, teach the children table manners, teach kids how to brush their teeth, safe conduct outdoors in the streets etc.

Some extras are:
Teaching the children English
Sports activities or yoga
Silent time or meditation exercises