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A Full Time Babysitter is not only a talented caregiver, but should also be a family friend for life. Be fair and honest with your Babysitter. From working out the work agreement to watching your children grow, it is extremely important to build a trusting relationship with your Babysitter, one that will last you and your children a lifetime. After you’ve chosen someone, you can count on us to remain available to answer any questions or issues that may arise because your family’s continued comfort is what’s most important to us.

Being a parent is tough. In one breath your patience is being pushed to the limit, and in the next your heart is melting. It's a never ending roller coaster of emotions from tot to teen. Hiring a Full Time Babysitter is a wonderful option if you are looking for broad, comprehensive, safe at home child care. Full Time Babysitter’s can help your children get off to school in the morning, can greet them when they finish their school and bring them to practice and play-dates.

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We are an international agency with highly educated, experienced and enthusiastic nannies.

We provide the service and support in childcare to families that need ‘more than a babysitter’. Our experienced nannies report directly to your hotel, home or event, day or night. Whether you are traveling to London on business or pleasure, from a place nearby or far away we ensure a most enjoyable and reliable babysitters in London experience. Children whose parents start a new life abroad might need more than just the material taking care of. And hotel guests need a professional nanny that they can trust when they enjoy a night out in London. The nanny line is a young and flexible organisation that makes childcare a serious business.

The service can be booked up until 60 minutes in advance. And our nannies speak mainly English, Polish, Spanish, French and German. It is included in our service to teach your child English if wanted.

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